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reduce, reuse, seduce


Today only very few people can go through life without experiencing the environmental problems, including overproduction and overconsumption. Apart from the pollution and wastefulness, both have detrimental effects on the intangible aspects of fashion, as they degrade choice into an illusion. With fast fashion, we get the sensation of accessibility, but we lose the experience of acquisition,
and an opportunity of self-expression. What remains is merely the pursuit of an insatiable desire in an unsustainable system. From this recognition came the idea of this entrepreneurship. We are facing two obvious problems and we would like to offer a possible solutions: recycling, sustainability, anthropocentric philosophy
Our goal is to make clothing a lasting source of pleasure, using production methods that do not burden our environment.

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our proposition

We believe in a service with the clients and their personal needs and wishes at the centre. Our creed is that we offer more than a dress, rather a chance of self-expression. We wish to present an opportunity for our brides to represent their inner confidence and resolution through a unique and eco-conscious attire.

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fanni halmi

I am Halmi Fanni

Stylist, costume designer, cultural anthropologist.


After secondary school I studied dressmaking and design, while working on films as a stylist and costume designer, I have finished a BA in social works and an MA in cultural anthropology. These experiences shaped my perspective on why we dress the way we do, and came to understand the motivation behind our material choices.I have seen how actors and models draw inspiration from their costumes, that final piece of puzzle that brings their energies to life. This inspired me to start this company. Through my dresses I would like to offer a chance for every bride to achieve a perfect feeling of “completeness” on their special day. A symbol of their self-sameness and inner beauty.


Eco-consciousness is a concept that lately we see everywhere, but as it is becoming an ever-present catchphrase, we tend to forget its original meaning and why it is important. It is more than probable that the environmental challenges we are facing today require an organised collective answer, but this dose not mean that personal responsibility wont be playing a central role in the shaping of our future. We all need to take part, but a more conscientious way of consuming should not be understood as self limitation, but rather a more open, more caring and therefore more positive way of life. Eco-consciousness means that we take responsibility for our actions, and we consider not just our own immediate self interest, but our collective future. This recognition is very much similar to the life changing recognitions as we grow into adulthood and take control of our own life. We would like to give a helping hand on that very personal journey, and offer a conscientious choice as the young women becomes a bride, and starts to build a new life.

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